About Jennifer

 Jennifer: Personal Branding Consultant & Founding BRANDographer

My promise to you is: 

I will listen, I will interpret, I will deliver great portraits, but most importantly I CARE about you every step of the way!

So - what is it like having a photoshoot with me?

It’s a lot of fun! You will feel comfortable and you will be guided and coached every step of the way.

If you hate having your picture taken, I assure you that I don't bite, I'm actually a bit of a goofball - and will do almost anything to get you smiling. I believe that your public image is so important that I make it my business to get it right.

A Note from Jennifer – The founder of The BRANDographers

I created The BRANDographers because I am deeply passionate about helping people look their best by creating successful images to help promote their personal and business brand.  

I feel have been blessed with the ability to capture someone’s true essence through the art of photography and listening to my clients. I believe there is enormous power in a great image. We are all visual beings and can read into an image far more quickly than reading a paragraph of text. Don’t you agree?

A first impression takes less than a second for an opinion to be formed.  In today's digital world, your image helps you develop a relationship; it's your face-to-face and your first point of contact more than ever before in history. If it takes a split second for someone to make judgement, then that will is true when a person views your portrait for the first time and makes a decision in that split-second as to whether (or not) you are worth spending any more of their precious time on, or spending their dollars with. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

You want to present your best image to the world and to your customers. If you value yourself, your product and your service, others will be able to see that - but only if you have the right imagery. It’s about being consistent and congruent to your BRAND. Am I right?

Whether you like it or not, YOU ARE A BRAND! And simply put, your brand is what comes to mind when someone hears or sees your name. It includes everything associated with you. If you are a professional and expect to be treated as such, then it is important for you to remember that EVERYONE out there in the big wide world can find you online, and you want to make sure they like what they see - your business depends on it.

Have a think about how your current branding portrait reflects upon your business. Think about all the other profiles you have seen and passed over because they simply do not look like the professionals they profess to be.

From the Past and into the Future:

I was educated at Griffith University in Brisbane, where I completed a Bachelor of Photography Degree at the age of 19.  I then backpacked around the world with my "bestie" for 12 months.  My first full-time job as a photographer was on board the amazing "Explorer of the Seas", a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  I spent four years at sea - this is where I learned how to problem solve to the extreme!

In 2007, I started my solo-entrepreneur dream and created Jenni Lorraine Photography, a portrait and wedding photography service.  But after discovering a real need for personal and business branding, I started The BRANDographers in 2014.

My dream is to be able to help my clients and other professional businesses reach their full potential.  It all starts here.

If you think I can help you with your Personal Branding, please don't hesitate to contact me on 0404 553 163.